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I'm Radhika

I thought a lot about how to get started with this. Type. Delete. The loop continued. But then this felt like the best fit.

I have always been a thinker. I end up thinking about how, why, when of every situation. I also think about how someone would feel in different circumstances and tend to quitely analyse why people behave in a certain way or sometimes even about why they look the way they do. As business happened, I realised it is called empathy.

Logic is another thing that fascinates me. That's my comforting factor in most of the situations. If I can't fit in the jigsaw pieces together, I feel the missing links. I practice yoga because I find logic in it.

Then there has been a love for visuals, colors and other charming things.

My mind would just blow away when I saw how some people thought and applied logic to give birth to extremely valuable insights for business. It astonished me to see the way ideas blend together to develop thought provoking concepts, that logically served a purpose.

That's how it all started, I entered the world of design, strategy, business.
I became an entrepreneur, a brand strategist.


It's been a journey of lot of learnings, mistakes, achievements, growth.
  • Bachelors in Communication Design, Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune
  • I was an introvert, until I moved away from the comfort of my home to pursue my degree in Communication Design. The whole experience not just taught be design but also a lot about life. Some of the most amazing memories were born here.
  • Redchillies.VFX, Mumbai
  • Yes, I was a young kid who adored the bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan! It was literally a dream come true, when I finished my graduation to apply for work in his company and actually got the job! I worked on some of the big movies and fell in love with almost every thing that was a part of this world. Four years passed. I decided its time to pack my experiences and set to greater heights.
  • Master of Business Administration, Marketing, NMIMS, Mumbai
  • This happened out of the blue! I wanted to expand my knowledge. I took this up, just to have some fun and learn. Little did I realise that this would totally change my world. I excelled 9 consecutive times at this course, which had some great minds from the industry. I realised there is something different in what I am doing and in my outlook! My mind had beautifully started blending the world of design and business, perhaps the world of logic and magic! (Words inspired by the legend, Marty Neumeier).
  • Laughing Popcorn, Mumbai
  • My design studio, my world of experiments, amazement! (I still smile when people love the name. I am proud of it!). My freelance journey gradually shaped up into this. We are now a small young team, always looking to make a difference. You could check out Laughing Popcorn here.

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